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The Rangers | Behind The Scenes: Episode 9
One last behind the scenes look at making the first chapter of The Rangers. Ron signs us off as we[...]
The Courier
The Courier returns to Adrasil, the world of The Rangers, in this prequel to The Forge Orginal Series, Furies. In this[...]
Drustan Chronicles
An elite Ranger must venture out on his own to defend his home against the newly discovered orc war band.[...]
The Rangers: A Shadow Rising
The Rangers: A Shadow Rising is an action adventure fantasy series. In this epic tale of good vs. evil, Brander[...]


12 nomintaions for The Tribe!
Lots of good news for The Forge Studios and One-Eyed Horse Productions with 12 nomintaions at the IndieCapitol Awards! BEST ORIGINAL[...]
THE END GAME by Guest Blogger Anthony Greene
Forge Studios’ Ron Newcomb, asked me to do something. He asked me to write a short blog about my outlook[...]
Book Campaign Launch!
Indie filmmaking is very hard work and even harder to make it into a business. Everything I learned about filmmaking[...]
7 Lies Film Distributors Like to Tell Filmmakers
Film distributors are great if they offer you a decent deal for your movie. And having spent the greater part[...]
The Ultimate Guide to Buying The Right Lens for You
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3 Tips to Create Realistic Costumes
Costuming mistakes are often one of the most obvious deficiencies in film. A small error can ruin an otherwise beautiful[...]


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