David Nordquist

David Nordquist aka MiniWarGamer Dave was born in Thunder Bay, Canada to a Swedish Canadian father and a Chinese mother. He loves his mixed heritage and has always been proud to be Canadian. Growing up in southern Ontario in the Niagara Region he’s been exposed to the great outdoors.

As a child he was quiet and reserved. He first got his taste for acting in grade 9 acting class where he discovered he could get reactions out of audiences and his confidence sky rocketed. He’s been acting ever since.

He started MiniWarGaming with his childhood friend and business partner, Matt Glanfield, in late 2007 where he applied his love for acting in making YouTube videos about a miniature war gaming hobby mostly covering Gamesworkshop’s Warhammer 40k. His work primarily is focused on making battle report videos and tactics. Although on occasion he makes shorts and skit videos.

As of July 2014 his YouTube channel has grown to 130k subscribers and is climbing faster as the months go by.

Recently he’s been cast in the web series “The Rangers” where he’ll be playing Drustan, one of the main rangers which is set to film August 2014. It’ll be directed and produced by Ron Newcomb (Rise of the Fellowship). It’s an epic fantasy tale with elves, orcs and dwarves.



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