Our mantra is “Watch, Learn, Do.” Essentially, we want fans to become filmmakers making fantasy and sci-fi content with us.

If this resonates with you and you want to contribute to ForgeNow, there is a couple different ways to do this.

1. Create with us.

As part of our Forge Elite subscription, we send you all of our casting and crew calls. If you see a position open up that you would be interested in taking on, apply for that role. As a Forge Elite subscriber, you get preference. As our platform grows and we continually add more and more original series to the line up, we will need more people to get involved and help make the projects happen.
Click here to learn more about Forge Elite.

2. Create on your own.

If you are creating original fantasy or sci-fi content, you can submit it to be distributed on our platform.
Have you successfully monetized your content? Even if all you have done at this point is release it for free on YouTube, we can help. We are running social media and marketing campaigns to continually generate more views, which we can turn into paying fan base.
Interested in joining us? Submit here.


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