Rules of Conduct

The same rules that apply to the corporate world, you should assume are true here.

  • You will keep sets professional and in a PG-13 setting. We all have families we want to have on set with us and never want to harm the little ears that may be about.
  • Please stay away from conversations that revolve around divisive issues. We never want to alienate someone.
  • We love ideas, but once we’re on set we ask that the ideas be limited as we will be pushing on time and the leads will be multi-tasking and will need to be hyper-focused – like a Jedi.
  • Let’s not make this a love connection moment – be respectful.
  • We expect you to ensure we have a safe place:
  • No weapons of any kind on set, unless authorized by one of the lead Producers (Ron, Skip, and Jerry)
  • No arguing on set.
  • No fighting on set – if you do, there could be charges pressed and you will be banned from any further activities.
  • If at any time you see someone in jeopardy, we expect you to speak up! We all share the responsibility of safety. Anyone can call “Cease Fear” at any time.
  • We expect you to show up on time and ready to go with a good attitude.
  • No griping. Nothing kills the creative spirit like constant complaining. There is no perfect but we will do our best, so bring your best.
  • We expect that you will engage and support as you can via Social Media in a positive tone.
  • We expect everyone to jump in and give a hand. No one has the luxury of saying “that’s not my job” – we all work until the work is done. However, don’t touch other peoples gear without asking the owner first.
  • While alcohol may be OK for some occasions, generally, we ask that you refrain from having it on set.
  • Illegal drugs will never be tolerated (Ron was a cop for heaven’s sake.)
  • Any injury sustained on set, must be reported to a Producer prior to leaving.
  • The membership is non transferable.
  • Should any of the rules be breached, The Forge Studios has a right to revoke membership.

By accepting membership, you agree to these listed “Rules of Conduct.”


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